Xbox LIVE preview program: part deux – Twittering your Zunely Facebook

Autumn has begun in the Northern Hemisphere and all the signs point to another typical season. The leaves are beginning to turn the bright oranges and reds, tiny woodland creatures have started packing food away for the winter, and Microsoft is looking for a few thousand Xbox Live members to take their new dashboard for a test run.

This update will include the previously absent Zune integration with instant-on 1080p streaming videos, Twitter capabilities, and Facebook access. Just like the previous beta test, those wishing to participate must go to the Microsoft Connect website and fill in all your pertinent information. Just remember that just because you sign up, does not mean you get accepted but just because you were not accepted does not mean we do not like you – we still think you are pretty cool. Comment it up if you get in and tell us what you think about the new features.