TGS 09 Splinter Cell walkthrough now available for you to see

I’ve never been a fan of the Splinter Cell series. It’s possibly because I have never finished any of the games, as it isn’t the gameplay because I often enjoy stealth gaming in other games. Still, the series has never piqued my interest for some reason. I always thought it looked a little dull. I know I am most likely wrong here, but I’ve never been that pumped when seeing a Splinter Cell game… until now. The revamp of the series has me very excited and being able to see another full walkthrough of the game is most pleasing.

After watching the video above, one thing is very clear: Splinter Cell: Conviction is going to be really stylistic. The big worry, of course, is that style will override gameplay, but from what we’ve heard and seen here at TVGB this game is going to have both in spades. Hopefully the quick kills that they’re really pushing don’t turn out to be simply one button kill attacks and deliver the same amount of strategy that the previous games had without the slow pace. Then again, is a slow pace always a bad thing?