Mass Effect 2 on PS3: and just like that it vanished

It seems just like yesterday that rumors of Mass Effect 2 were swirling around the interwebs once again. Maybe that’s because it was in fact yesterday that the rumor starting to get wings once more, either way it looks like that pipe dream is already over. In an unfortunate turn of events it appears that Jay Watamaniuk’s comments from his trip to Poland were taken out of context. Sorry PS3 owners.

The news came from Watamaniuk himself posting on the Mass Effect 2 official boards. “There is a report circulating today based on an appearance I made in Poland yesterday,” he wrote. “Seems there was a misunderstanding about ME2 coming to PS3. Let me clarify today: ME2 is coming to PC and X360 only. Look for them both on Jan 26 in NA and Jan 29 in Europe.” There you have to folks, straight from the horse’s mouth. No Mass Effect 2 for the PS3. But wait, he didn’t actually say it wasn’t coming out on the PS3. He just simply said that it’s coming to the PC and 360, ah ha we caught you! Maybe not.