New EGM cover revealed; experienced game journalists wanted

While Maxim’s game reviews make me wonder why I ever subscribed to EGM in the first place (I’m being sarcastic, but they’re actually not bad) the long running magazine is back from purgatory and featuring Mass Effect 2 on the cover for its new debut in December. Other games garnering attention on the cover include Gears of War 3, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Halo: Reach. While the magazine itself is being revitalized, the logo for the first issue (and presumably future issues to come) is keeping retro with a look not seen since early 2007.

Steve Harris, the now current and original owner of EGM, is also looking for worthy applicants to fill out the ranks at the revitalized gaming magazine. Harris posted Wednesday on his Twitter, “Taking steps to fill out the ranks…published game journalists enlist at [email protected]…” Despite the magazine’s shaky status last year, who could resist the chance to meet Sushi-X?