A Wii Music sequel in sight? Or just a toilet?

No, not really. The Wii Music “franchise” hasn’t exactly been received with accolades, champagne and celebration speeches. What’s even more worrying is that Nintendo acknowledges this, which raises the question if a Wii Music 2 should be developed in order to improve the wrongs of the first one, or if it should be thrown down the crapper.

According to Joystiq… actually, according to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, “there may still be some possibility” with the Wii Music Franchise. “The development team members, the directors of Wii Music were I think, maybe a little bit shocked by the reaction and had hoped it would get a better response than it did,” said Miyamoto. “So I think if we were to do anything, it would be a matter of getting back together with them and trying to understand what their expectations were and where the gap was between their expectations and what the resulting product was.”

Miyamoto thinks that the gap between the good and bad elements of the game was far too big. He believes that while “people who are very versed in music and play the game” gave it higher scores, there are still “a lot of people who play it and don’t have a very good opinion of it.” Just the way it’s always been and always is.

As far as a sequel goes, Miyamoto clarified that they “have talked about it but it isn’t anything that’s concrete at this point.”