Gamepro’s BlogFaction is no more

I consider Gamepro magazine one of my favorite videogame publications available, followed by magazines such as GameInformer and Electronic Gaming Monthly before it met its untimely demise. Along with reading Gamepro, I also enjoyed visiting their site, especially when it came to observing the latest entries in their BlogFaction collection of sites.

Sadly, one of my reasons for visiting will be non-existent, as Gamepro has decided to close down their BlogFaction websites.

The reasoning behind this decision leads to Gamepro choosing to dedicate its resources to its main site, Interestingly, this decision comes after the announcement of new leadership; Gamepro chose John Davidson, the ex-owner of 1UP and WhatTheyPlay, as the executive vice-president of content.

Best of luck to those individuals who managed and/or contributed to those BlogFaction sites. Here’s hoping they will find new rooms in Gamepro’s redesigned house.