Old 1990 videogame competition prize can be had for starting bid of $12k

It was a while ago, but Nintendo picked some downright strange ways to gets its name out. Cereal, wallpaper, telephone hint hotlines… and even pay-to-spectate competition events? The Nintendo World Championships were a straight up gaming tournament where players vied for the high score in three different games: Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. Did you see The Wizard? Yeah, like that.

Well the grand prize for this event can be yours on the ever-ubiquitous eBay from one of the winners of the Los Angeles finals (Different finals took place in 30 different cities). For the low low starting bid of $11,990.90 (plus $25 shipping), you can take off his hands his semifinalist hat, special game cartridge that contained a six-minute medley of the three games in the tournament, and a special NES controller with the Nintendo World Championship logo.

Desirable, I know. If nothing else, it’s a neat look back at the world of Nintendo from nearly 20 years ago, and how one can see so much and so little change all at once. High Scores are almost never relevant to an in-your-face victory, but Nintendo’s appeal and household name status has climbed to all new peaks. Still, if you do throw down some cash on this, that makes you, unequivocally and ironically, hardcore.