Video of the Week / October 18

Salem and Rios know that you don’t mix business with pleasure, even though they more often than not get caught on camera doing the exact opposite. The last time we saw them visiting EA HQ, it was all fun and games around the offices. However, if any more delays are to be constrained, they sure do know how to put their foot down, or actually, put a bullet through whatever distraction may be, well, distracting you. The trailer is short, it’s fun, it’s different… and that’s what gets the job done.

Aaron Yorke: “This Army of Two video is hilarious! It’s short, sweet, and something I can relate to… sort of. Well, I mean I can relate to how much more efficient I’d be at my day job if Salem and Rios were always looking to put a bullet in my distractions. They’re more intimidating than Terry Tate, office linebacker and I bet many a corporation would love to hire them based on the video.”

Sebastian Norldlund: “Some of the videos this week have been pretty good, but the video that got to me the most was the one with Salem and Rios sniping slackers at EA HQ. There’s not much to it. The concept of what the video is trying to achieve is easy to pick up, and it’s been done just in the same wacky way the first one was done. It’s fun, and it might even be relatable, which just makes it even more fun.”

We also liked:

Jordan Fehr: “I am completely in love with the newest Borderlands TV advert. First off, the game looks amazing and I can’t wait to pick it up. Second, all of their advertising has all had the right attitude, its fun to watch, which leads us to believe the game is fun to play. Good song choice for the material as well. So let’s all level up so we can impress our friends!”

Tommy Lawler: “Tough call. I like the Borderlands one because it makes me want to play the game as opposed to most gameplay footage, but then you also have DJ Hero with its absolutely random stuff going on backed by a mashup involving Justice’s “Genesis,” which is a sweet song. But then you have the dudes from Army of Two cracking down on office slackers. While Army of Two made me laugh for sure, I have to say, sometimes those little pleasures are all someone has in a day of mundane desk work. Sometimes, that one last round of table tennis will get you through the last four hours of your shift. And while Borderlands may look fun to play here, I am just not a fan of Cage the Elephant, so it looks like ridiculous randomness and cool music win out for me… my vote goes to DJ Hero.”