Battle of the plastic bands: The Beatles vs. Guitar Hero 5

The opening battle between The Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5 has laid waste to the September landscape and the numbers have been tallied. The fab four edged out the Kurt Cobain simulator by 20 percent on a per unit basis, and MTV Games general manager Scott Guthrie made sure everyone knew about it.

“We outsold them two-to-one on a revenue basis and we outperformed on a unit basis as well, despite the fact that they had an eight-day advantage, and were giving away free software,” Guthrie stated, referring to the Guitar Hero: Van Halen free offer that came with Guitar Hero 5. “At the end of the day, The Beatles: Rock Band clearly outperformed them, and we’re not done yet. We’re anticipating a very successful holiday period.”

Humility being Guthrie’s strong suit, he continued with comments regarding the music game genre in general, “The important thing is that the music genre is up 72 percent versus a year ago. That’s the number both [Activision] and us can be very proud of. It even proves some of the pundits wrong — that the music category is on the decline, or not as vibrant as it used to be.”

The first battle has been decided and the holiday season will undoubtedly see more number crunching between MTV Games and Activision. But we all know how this will truly be decided: A Scott Guthrie/Bobby Kotick band face-off to the death.