Nintendo downloads for the week of Oct. 19

This week looks to be quite possibly the best so far for Nintendo’s download services. WiiWare starts the fantastic week by bringing us Lostwinds: Winter of the Melodias (FRONTIER, Players: 1, E, 1000 Wii Points), the follow-up to the award-winning WiiWare launch title, in which our hero must save his mother and his very civilization by making friends, influencing people, and even changing the seasons. As if that were not enough, WiiWare gives us another offering with Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem (Hudson Entertainment, Players: 1-2, E10+, 500 Wii Points), allowing us to battle for the future in a world based on survival of the fittest, and the fittest meaning those who can move their character with the control stick and shoot with the Wii Remote.

DsiWare gives us five, count ’em five, games with the word ‘domo’ in them, Crash-Course Domo, Hard-Hat Domo, Pro-Putt Domo, Rock-n-Roll Domo, and White-Water Domo (all made by Nintendo, Players: 1, E, 200 DSi Points). Domo happens to be an odd creature, hatched from an egg, who serves as a mascot for Japan’s NHK television station and takes time off from that job to star in these five games. In order from above, Domo will be racing a bicycle, climbing a building as a construction worker, playing putt-putt mini golf for the championship, rocking out to a rhythm game, and paddling through a raging river.

Finally, the Virtual Console hits us with Rygar (TECMO, Players: 1-2, E10+, 600 Wii Points), the 1980’s arcade hit that features a resurrected warrior who is tasked with saving humanity. We old-school arcade goers will remember fondly the 27 levels of mayhem we unleashed with our extending Diskarmor on the monsters of that time.