Shattered Horizon trailer floats into view

Dark Void isn’t the only jetpack-powered shooter boosting our way over the next few months. Shattered Horizon, the first game from benchmarking pros Futuremark, is getting in on the act too. And you know what? It looks like great fun!

A first-person multiplayer shooter for PC, Shattered Horizon sees teams fighting it out for limited supplies in zero gravity, following a catastrophic lunar explosion that leaves them cut off from Earth. This is the first trailer to show off gameplay and it’s already looking slick, not to mention pretty beautiful. Just check out that background reveal of Earth. It’s purdy! But with a pedigree like Futuremark’s we shouldn’t be surprised.

Special mention also goes to the audio work. We doubt Futuremark will be brave enough to stick with the muffled, moody, no-atmosphere atmospherics in the full game, but we can dream in the meantime.

Gameplay wise, zipping from surface to surface, flipping upside down and boosting around the environment certainly looks fun. And with enemies and potential attacks coming from all angles it looks like Shattered Horizon might just have enough to stand out from the pack, despite its laser-wielding space marine cliches. We’ll be keeping an optimistic eye on this one. In the meanwhile, why don’t you keep an eye on the screenshots from the game Futuremark sent out today.