US postal service worker steals 2,220 GameFly rentals

There are wise people out in the world that tell you never to put cash in the mail as it is susceptible to being stolen. At this point that almost seems obvious to most of us but never would we suspect that a game we rented might never make it to us due to it being stolen in-route to our mailboxes. Well in Philadelphia — where this writer happens to be hailing from — a postal worker stole 2,220 GameFly games over the past six months and then turning them into GameStop for cash. Some brotherly love that is! Any upstanding gentlemen of the world knows never to tamper with a man’s videogames, for shame!

The culprit Reginald Johnson was confronted by police which then escalated into a full on car chase ending in the crashing of Johnson’s SUV. When he was apprehended by police they found a duffel bag filled with 81 games that had been stolen from the game rental service. For his postal crimes Johnson will be facing 12-18 months of jail time which goes to show, don’t mess with peoples videogames.