IW says lack of servers best for the majority of gamers

If you haven’t been listening to the internet exploding with your magic ears that turn internet complaints into loud explosions then you may have missed the fact that Modern Warfare 2 on the PC will not have any dedicated servers. It’s an issue to many of the more hardcore online gamers because it will mean that multiplayer will function like it does on the consoles and not allow for modding or private clan maps. Well, those people aren’t the majority of PC gamers according to Infinity Ward, and the majority is who they want to appeal to.

In a recent blog post Robert Bowling, the man who revealed the lack of servers to the world, responds to all that hate that has been thrown Infinity Ward’s way. His response explains why IW went with IWNET (the new PC matchmaking service) and can best be summarized by this quote, “IWNET takes the benefits of dedicated servers and allows them to be utilized and accessed by every player, out of the box, while removing the barrier to entry for players unaware of how to maintain a server on their own.” Basically, he is saying that IWNET will allow for the same type of gameplay but without the higher access point and downfalls of dedicated servers.

Bowling also notes that he sees private matches as essentially being the same thing as running a private server, but just easier to use. Of course the final nail in the coffin, according to him, is that the game will be cheat and hack free since it will obviously be much harder to cheat and hack. He also points out that it makes life easier for IW as they now have a better infrastructure to update the game with.

Anybody buying it or are you still angry about a lack of servers?