PSPgo struggles in Australia

The Age reports that the PSPgo isn’t doing so well south of the equator, with Gfk sales figures stating that Sony’s newest handheld device barely sold 1,000 units in Australia during its first week launch. In contrast, the PS3 Slim has steadily been selling 10,000 units a week since its debut in September.

Serving as managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand as well as director of damage control, Michael Ephraim was quick to point out in a phone interview that the PSPgo sales figures were “not under 1,000 but it’s slightly over 1,000.” He claimed that the PSPgo’s debut in Australia was a “soft launch” because retailers like EBGames refused to sell the UMD-deprived handheld. Regardless, Ephraim is feeling optimistic. “Clearly we haven’t done massive numbers but it’s not something that we’re concerned about … because there are still some issues that we need to work through.”

Sony’s planning to launch a video download service for the PSPgo early next year as well as Play TV, which allows PS3 owners to stream live TV to their PSPgo in a wifi network. Whether or not these new additions will help the slow sales of the handheld remains to be seen, but some aren’t expecting the PSPgo to pull ahead anytime soon.