World of Goo pay-what-you-want birthday sale “a huge success”, extended

Considering the game has been out for a year, there’s been a surprising amount of talk over the last week surrounding World of Goo. First off, developer 2D Boy announced the game was coming to the iPhone, and then they announced a week-long birthday sale and pulled a Radiohead by letting you name your own price, the results for which have now been announced via their webste — the game has been purchased 57,000 times from their website (check out a histogram that breaks down the sales numbers below).

A few other interesting tidbits came from the post, namely that 13% of the money made went to Paypal for transaction fees, and they didn’t get a penny of the over 16,000 pennies used to buy the game for said amount (but Paypal took a big hit on all those penny transactions). However the stranger piece of news to come from this was that their week-to-week Steam sales rose 40%, and all those copies were $19.99. This could be due to all the World of Goo iPhone talk, but I’m sure there’s more then a few people kicking themselves right about now. They also had an exit poll for people who bought the game, and the number 1 answer as to why did the person pay the price they paid was “That’s all I can afford right now.”

As I said when talking about the future iPhone version, I liked World of Goo a lot, however I found $20 to be a little on the steep side, but I understand why they charged that much. In this age of rampant piracy, it’s probably a smart business decision to overcharge the good honest people who still want to pay for their PC games.

However if you’re one of those honest people and missed your chance to buy the game at whatever price you wish, the sale has been extended to Sunday, October 25th. I would say $15 is a fair asking price and a good number if you feel like supporting the developers proper. Just don’t pay a penny for it.