Aion tops NPD sales

It’s no surprise to us that Aion appeared as top dog in the NPD charts for PC gaming as its 400k pre-order numbers might have tipped us off. Regardless of that fact the NPD findings have solidified Aion as the hit MMO release of September scorching past releases like Champions Online and Fallen Earth. Not only that but Aion knocked the former #1 PC game The Sims 3 out if its reigning spot. The number one spot wasn’t enough for Aion though as it has also taken the number five spot with its collector’s edition of the game.

As usual the NPD’s numbers do not include any online distribution methods like Steam or Direct2Drive and only covers retails sales. At this point we don’t have a clear idea of where the Aion launch stands when it comes to total players and we’re eager to find out what those numbers will be. Will it be better than previous MMO launches? Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough and if the NPD numbers combined with the pre-order numbers are any indication of its success, we’re in for an interesting figure.