Need for Speed speeds past 100 million sold mark

The 15-year-old Need for Speed franchise has achieved quite the feat, EA announced today. After 15 games panning over 14 platforms, the game has sold through 100 million copies and brought in $2.7 billion in sales, according to EA’s internal data. The game to put the series over the top is no other than the newest game in the series, Need for Speed Shift.

If you like the ’28 years worth of game time in 2 days’-type facts, then you’ll love these:

– Released in 22 languages in over 60 countries
– Players have raced over 279 billion miles of roads & race tracks
– Generated over 17 trillion user-generated vehicle customizations
– Sold more games than all new passenger cars sales in the U.S since 1994
– If Need for Speed boxes were laid out end-to-end, it would span 173,609 football fields
– 100M units represents nearly every household in the United States and is 3x the population of Canada

Feeling gitty, EA?