New Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep vid

You know, I don’t really follow the Kingdom Hearts series at all. This is mostly because I know that if I played the first game I would be sucked in like a kid at… well, a kid at Disneyland. Thankfully for my wallet my will has stayed strong, but there are plenty of people out there who love the series and for them the above gameplay from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep should be very welcome.

It looks amazing for a PSP game and the gameplay seems pretty tight as well. The video shows off the game’s three playable characters starting with Ventus and then moving on to Terra and finishing with Aqua. There seem to be a few frame-rate issues, but let’s just hope that that is from the video upload and not the actual game. However, the most impressive thing about this is that Birth by Sleep isn’t even the most ridiculous subtitle in the series. I think we can all agree that 358/2 takes that Mickey Mouse shaped cake.