Ubisoft brings “hope” for a PS3 Splinter Cell: Conviction

Despite officially confirming it as a console exclusive for the 360 and saying it’s “meant for the Xbox 360 and it will show,” Ubisoft has now given a glimmer of “hope” to PS3 owners that Sam Fisher’s latest outing, Splinter Cell Conviction, may yet arrive on the system of their choice.

When asked if he has a message to their PS3-owning readers about the possibility of a PS3 version, Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat told VideoGamer “there is always hope” but that he “can’t predict the future.”

“But it’s good to hear that people who can’t play Splinter Cell are willing to,” he said.

The game’s out on February 23, 2010 for the 360 and PC only, that much is clear. But could Conviction turn out to be another timed exclusive that heads to the PS3 at a later date, and with some added content, like was the case with the once-thought-to-be exclusive Double Agent?