Army of Two gets in on the Horde/Firefight action

Army of Two: The 40th Day is joining in on the multiplayer Horde bandwagon with its own survival mode game type called “Extraction.” They’re also joining in on the pre-order bonus elitism by giving exclusive 30-day advance access to the game type to those who pre-order the game at any retailer. The trailer above is about as true to its namesake as the film Naked Lunch. Not only does Army of Two: The 40th Day feature the Extraction multiplayer mode where an army of four (not two) fight off waves after waves of enemies, but their advance access is (thankfully) only 30 days long. Not 40. Shame on you, EA, for trying to trick gamers with your misleading titles. You can’t trick me like when I thought Never Ending Story actually never ended or when nobody ended up getting fingered in Freddy Got Fingered.

The inappropriately titled Army of Two: The 40th Day comes out on January 12, 2010.