Infinity Ward isn’t finished with the current generation

Four years into the current generation of gaming consoles, developers are just starting to unleash what the HD systems are capable of. Infinity Ward is one such developer and community manager Robert Bowling reveals to NowGamer that they’re in no rush to leap to the next generation.

“I think you can always take a console further. It’s all about hitting that glass ceiling but then finding ways to break through it,” Bowling said, referring to the technical limitations of the consoles. “When we finished Call Of Duty 4, when we were done with it, we thought we’d hit that glass ceiling, but then, as you can see with Modern Warfare 2, we’ve found ways around it. We introduced texture streaming which allows you to do this and that opens up more doors, so we may not know it yet, but there is definitely much more you could do [with the current generation].”

And to make sure the glass ceiling he referred to didn’t involve gender discrimination in the workplace, Bowling added, “I mean, the biggest thing you struggle with is space. Our engineers have been finding new ways around that. If you can beat that, you’re still in good shape.”