People “tired of 80-hour games,” Winterbottom dev believes

Reminiscing about your youth can be relaxing – no job, no girlfriend, no responsibilities – just tons of time to play games for hours on end. These days older gamers do not have such luxury time and a game that packs everything into a five hour or less experience is a marvelous thing. Paul Bellezza and Matt Korba, co-founders of The Odd Gentlemen and creators of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, touched on this topic during an interview with Gamasutra.

“People are tired of 80-hour games,” Korba said. “If we play like the 80-hour epic game, maybe we get a few levels into it or a few hours into it, and then we’re done. But these shorter games or these little experiences, that’s great. I can sit down, play one in a night, and then be done with it…”

“It’s like they get really impactful in 10 seconds, whereas you might play a Final Fantasy game, and you don’t give a shit until the eighth hour mark. That’s when it really connects to you. Who needs that,” Bellezza added. “…you can make a poignant, small experience that gets to the core of what you want to feel and experience it. It’s wonderful.”

Shorter games have become a hot trend lately due to downloadble services such as XBLA or PSN. The Odd Gentlemen hails from the University of Southern California that also spawned thatgamecompany, creators of PSN titles flOw and Flower – two games that both found success with the short and sweet format. Winterbottom is looking to share that success in early 2010.