Six Days in Fallujah still clinging on for life

Speaking to the Marine Corps Times, Atomic Games studio president Peter Tamte said the company “remains committed” to finishing their ill-fated Six Days in Fallujah project and are continuing to seek new partners.

Based on the real-life setting and timeline of 2004’s Operation Iraqi Freedom, Six Days in Fallujah was dropped by partners Konami after the game’s announcement stirred up controversy, particularly among the family members of fallen Marines. Konami’s decision to leave the project in April left the title without a publisher and forced Atomic Games to lay off staff.

In the meantime, Atomic’s “sister” company Destineer (also run by Tamte) is preparing to release Marines: Modern Urban Combat. Developed for Wii, the shooter is based on 2005’s Close Combat: First to Fight for PC, Mac and Xbox 360. Far from the documentary-style realism that Six Days aspires to, this new title is apparently a “family friendly” shooter that “celebrates the values of the Marine corps.”

It’s an announcement that highlights the baffling logic behind Six Days‘ continued problems, because what’s more damaging; a realistic shooter created with the help of military professionals, intended to reveal a grain of truth about modern combat, or a ‘fun for all the family’ piece of Marine propaganda with a sanitized, entertaining vision of war? Help us out please, we’re confused.