Retailers sell Borderlands for PC early, DRM restricts access until defined release

While PC players are waiting for Borderlands to release on October 26th in North America and internationally on the 30th, it seems some retailers have sold the PC version ahead of schedule and those who have obtained a copy will have to wait until the 26th like everyone else as the DRM on retail copies, SecuROM, hasn’t unlocked it yet.

Since hearing of the reports, 2K has been looking into it to “find the best possible solution for everyone.” Despite the claims, 2K has confirmed that the release-day protection will remain. “I’m going to be completely honest with you guys right now. It is not possible for us to move the planned release date of the game forward. We could not possibly get the games into stores worldwide and out for digital distribution any earlier than planned. Less than 1% of all copies were sold, and if we unlocked the game today, illegal versions would most likely appear on torrents by the evening. I am sure all of you want our PC launch to be as successful as possible, and we simply won’t be able to manage that any earlier than already planned,” wrote 2K Community Manager Elizabeth Tobey on 2K’s forum, and went on to say that the game will be available to play at 12AM EST on October 26.

On a more positive note, pre-loading for the game has begun for those who purchased the game through Steam and will be ready to play on its respective release dates.