DJ Hero “may come out of the gate a little bit slower”

Considering that Activision has succeeded in filling the market with a continuous string of Guitar Hero titles, one might wonder how their latest Hero-based effort, DJ Hero, will be received by the masses. Personally, I am burned out on Guitar Hero and would greatly appreciate the series taking a long hiatus.

Activision, for their part, thinks that DJ Hero will perform well at retail. However, they also believe that sales for the title will not peak instantly. Their expectation is that the title will sell decently at first, and then build up steam.

Kai Huang, the co-founder of Red Octane, believes that DJ Hero will be able to distinguish itself from the Guitar Hero group due to its “drastically different gameplay style” and the fact that, for the most part, people are unfamiliar with DJ games.

The game’s set for a October 27 release in NA and October 30 in Europe.