Video of the Week / October 25

An apparently leaked trailer from earlier this week for Valve’s latest, Left 4 Dead 2, gives an effective reminder that the sweet, sweet zombie-apocalypse-continued is upon us shortly. Effective enough to get that rare unanimous thumbs up from the zombie lovers and haters here at TVGB.

Chad George: “As a born and bred southerner, I hold a special place in my heart for the leaked Left 4 Dead 2 trailer. There’s just something about seeing folks from different walks of life getting along and laying waste to “all sonsuvbitches.” Plus, getting a view of the new infected population, the different ways to kill them, and several locations is enough to tide this ol’ boy over until the game drops.”

Jordan Fehr: “There is no contest this week. The leaked L4D2 trailer has enough action for an entire week’s worth of ogling. With glimpses of all the new infected, tons of explosions and all that Valve charm, this trailer has it all, and frankly kicks a ton of ass in the process. So I hope you will all join me in saying “I hate the woods” one last time. “

Sebastian Nordlund: “Whenever a game comes around and zombies are involved, I don’t have to put a lot of effort into turning my head and look away. Zombies are a pain in the ass and it would give me great pleasure to see them obliterated from the face of the Earth. However, there’s no doubt that the latest Left 4 Dead 2 trailer kicks some serious booty, incorporating a little bit of this “story” and a little bit of gory zombie wipe-out techniques. It’s intense, it’s explosive and full of “sons of bitches!” I had no intentions of getting this game, but now…”

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