Play Modern Warfare 2 in third person

This very blurry video has perked up showing what looks like someone playing what’s presumably a leaked version of Modern Warfare 2. However there’s something…off about the game, as it looks a little more Max Payne then Call of Duty.

Infinity Ward has sent down some words via community manager Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling about this newly discovered feature, and it’s definitely the real deal and the game can be played while in a third-person view, but there are restrictions. The viewpoint can only be used in private matches, and it will just be another feature that can be toggled on and off while setting up a match. Bowling calls it “just another cool way to play the game”.

Just like the third-person feature in Oblivion and Fallout 3, this will probably be a fun little diversion, but it’s obviously not the best way to play the game.