Splosion Man gets avatar awards

Good news out of the Twisted Pixel headquarters, Avatar awards from ‘Splosion Man are now live and waiting for us to go get them. Of course, we have had our differences with the Xbox LIVE Arcade game based on a combustible meth addict, but free stuff is always soothing.

‘Splosion Man got a title update this morning, letting it become the first game to offer the free unlockable Avatar items. Two awards are available, one for breaking the first pane of glass and the other for completing the multiplayer missions, with both coming in male and female versions. Those of us who have already completed those tasks will be given the awards automatically while new players will get to see the preview of what they could be sporting around avatar-land.

Not content to stop there, Twisted Pixel also tossed in some fixes for online multiplayer where some people were having lag issues. The company also took the obvious route and teamed up with Omaha Steaks to offer some free steak filets, just download the special ‘Splosion Man gamerpic from the Xbox Dashboard to register. Each online multiplayer game played before November 22 will earn one entry each time, up to a maximum of five entries, so we have to try to pace ourselves.