World at War Map Packs now 50% off, celebrate with new playlists and double XP

For one week only (until November 1), all three map packs for Call of Duty: World at War will be half-off in both XBL Marketplace and PlayStation Store (North American PS3 owners only, oddly).

Along with this great offering, Treyarch has also made a few changes to the online playlists, most notably adding Hardcore Headquarters and integrating all three map packs into the rotation of the Map Pack playlist. Other changes to the Map Pack playlist include dissecting the Team Objectives mode into two separate playlists with Team Objectives (Search and Destroy, Headquarters, and Sabatoge) and Team Flags (CTF, Domination, and War).

To top all that off, World at War is now giving out double XP for all platforms also until November 1, just enough time to prestige once more before the release of Modern Warfare 2 on November 10.