Disc-based Netflix on PS3 will last a year

Netflix has offered up some additional details to clarify a bit on the necessity of using a Blu-ray disc to access Netflix on the PS3 once it launches next month. The announcement of the service becoming available on Sony’s system mentioned that using the disc is necessary “initially,” which a company representative now says means ‘until the end of 2010.’

According to the rep, that’s when an embedded Netflix application will become available through a PSN update and using a disc for now is simply the fastest way of bringing the service to the PS3. Once the app launches, the service looks to be pretty much identical on both the 360 and PS3.

As for bringing Netflix to Wii, the rep said the Wii represents “a great opportunity” given its install base but that they have “nothing specific to say about it at this point.” Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter seems sure it will happen though. “In the next 12 months,” in fact.