Frogger retruns in Frogger Returns

Frogger is a game of epicness. The quest of one lone frog attempting to cross the road and then cross the river. What is his end goal? Why does he risk life and limb? Why can’t a frog, a creature known for its life spent in and around water, swim? All of these questions went unanswered for years, but now the time may come for the answers to be revealed. Frogger is coming back. Konami has just announced Frogger Returns for WiiWare and PSN to be released this fall.

The game seems to be a 3D reworking of the original Frogger. You will once again be tasked with crossing the road, but this time you’ll have twelve times the levels to do it in. It appears we won’t be getting the answers to the questions above, but instead more questions shall arise. Questions like, “Where does a frog get new power ups like time freeze and rewind?” or “How will the local multiplayer function?” Some of these questions shall be answered, others most likely not. One thing is for certain: that is one brave frog.