Robot Princess Bubblegum is coming to The Ballad of Gay Tony with missile launching breasts blazing

Rockstar Games is the only developer on the planet that can release a trailer for a side distraction that 90% of the people who play the game will never see and yet make it completely awe inspiring.

Most anyone who made quite possibly the laziest decision of their lives by deciding to watch television while playing a videogame would attest to the general hilarity of the TV programming found in Grand Theft Auto IV. However, even as someone who enjoyed their share of the Republican Space Rangers on Weazel, I wasn’t quite prepared for Robot Princess Bubblegum, which will be premiering on CNT when Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony is released on October 29th.

Considering that trailer made me go from “thinking about buying it” to “day one purchase,” I’d say it’s some pretty effective marketing.