Trophies of the gods revealed, coming November 17th

Worry not; the God of War Collection may have been delayed, but only by a week. The title was originally meant to launch on November 10th, but will now see release on the 17th.

One of the most exciting features of the upcoming collection is the addition of the PSN’s trophies system, giving players a great reason to slash their way through the first two games again. It’s still a few weeks away from release, but you can find out what you need to do to get that platinum now. In fact, each game gets its own shiny platinum, and 35 bronze, silver, and gold to go along with it.

Both lists are pretty unique, though they share some trophies like grabbing all the phoenix feathers and gorgon eyes. Perhaps the most daunting trophy on the list, maybe even of all time however, rests in the original; for a gold you have to climb the spinning, spiky, evil column of death in Hades without getting hurt.

There was a good hour of my life wasted on shouting, screaming, and throwing my controller at the screen when I first climbed that column. You knew it was bad when the developers actually apologized for even putting it in the game. Did they change that? Oh no, they’ve just gone and set an impossible task based around it.

Doesn’t look like many people will be getting the first platinum after all.