Fairytale Fights DLC free for 90 days

What happens when Playlogic combines bedtime stories, gallons of blood, an ad campaign featuring pornstars, and various sharp instruments of death? Free downloadable content for a limited time, that’s what. The clock started October 27 for North America, so get going. Well, read first then get going.

For 90 days after launch, gamers who register on the DLC page of the Fairytale Fights website will receive codes to access the exclusive content once it is live. Valued at over $15, the temporarily free DLC will include four new playable characters and three new PvP arenas, but will apparently only be available to those who register. However, players who do not register will not be left out on the free train, as Playlogic plans on offering more free DLC via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Store in the near future. The details on those offerings are being kept secret as of now though, but do not risk it – go register and get the code just to be safe.