Netflix drops PS3 disc distribution details, is ‘confident’ there will be enough

Sony’s announcement that Netflix will require a disc to run its streaming content services on the PlayStation 3 made owners of the console understandably apprehensive. Netflix Vice President of Corporate Communications Steve Swasey responded to these concerns earlier today, assuring subscribers that the distribution will go smoothly, and that there will be enough discs to go around.

Swasey stated that distribution will begin early next month, following a press release notifying the public that the discs have been shipped. “We’re confident we’ve produced enough discs,” he says, also noting that all discs will be shipped simultaneously, and that no customer will be given priority over another. When pressed on why the service hasn’t been integrated with the PS3 like on Xbox 360, he responded with this miffed-sounding statement, “We haven’t given any reason. The key thing here … it’s very easy and no different than playing a video game. We’ll have an update in time.”

Netflix is promising they’ll have an integrated solution by the end of 2010. So until then, order your movie disc and be thankful that you’re getting to watch high-definition episodes of The IT Crowd.