There’s a “hunger” for digitally delivered content, EA says

Speaking at the London Games Conference yesterday, EA’s Keith Ramsdale said consumers have a “hunger” for digitally delivered content. Even to a point where the single-player experience may be over since companies can track how the consumer engages in their online, not offline products.

Bringing the 54 million online matches played in FIFA 10, which launched in Europe a few weeks ago, as an example, Ramsdale said the digital revolution is “already here” and that established franchises will be leading the digital space.

“This year’s forecast is that digital download revenue is around a billion dollars in gaming. That’s more than 40 per cent bigger than music digital downloads in revenue terms. We’re eclipsing music, we’re already there, it’s growing and yet we see it as different.”

While admitting retail wouldn’t be quick to disappear, he said “customers buy packaged goods and retail then want more.”

“Every week 30-40 million consumers walk into retail shops – it’s not a market we’re going to quickly ignore. While there are disc drives in machines in homes, consumers will still buy discs.”