Two Aliens/Predator games create friendly rivalry among developers

What do you get when two developers are creating games based on the same intellectual property? Why, a healthy rivalry, of course. Development house Rebellion is currently working on Aliens vs. Predator, while Gearbox is currently developing Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Rebellion senior producer David Brickley spoke of the nature of the rivalry that’s formed, “I think if we all want to produce the best possible game at the end of the day you’ve got to use your own imagination but keep pace with what other people are doing. We’re gamers as well and want as many good games as we can get in our hands.”

Moreover, Brickely states that the rivalry may be purely academic – Rebellion’s game will be focused on survival horror, while Gearbox’s entry will be a squad-based shooter. As such, the titles will ostensibly offer quite different gaming experiences.