Bayonetta dated for January

Bayonetta will be launching in Japan on…oh wait, it’s already launched. Yup, October 8 was the date Japanese gamers got to admire Bayonetta’s perfect behind in person and up close. And it turns out the rest won’t have too long to wait — the game will arrive in the US on January 5 and Europe on January 8, Sega has announced.

“We chose a January ship date for Bayonetta as we firmly believe that it is the best time for SEGA and our retail partners to launch this exciting new IP in the West, and push for a number #1 retail slot. Bayonetta is a huge title for us and the perfect start for the New Year, both for SEGA and gamers across Europe and America,” Mike Hayes, CEO of SEGA America & SEGA Europe, explains.

The announcement also reminds of the perfect 40/40 score the 360 version got from Famitsu (38/40 for the PS3 version), the 12th gave ever to manage that since the mag’s launch in 1986.