Army of Two gets all Halloweeny

I’ve never played the original Army of Two, but from what I’m told their is a lot of guys being macho and shooting other people. This happens in a ton of games, but evidently in Army of Two it happens to a level that is almost disturbing. You know the kind of level where you actually question the amount of people you’re killing because the heroes are too detached from the situation. Fist bumps over 20 dead bodies doesn’t seem like true character development to me.

However, Army of Two: The 40th Day gave me hope that the two lead characters would develop into something more than the stereotypical macho men from the first game I had heard about. But judging from the ad above and the previous one of the same ilk that ain’t happening as Salem and Rios randomly steal a guy’s stuff and then shoot it. Was the comedy this bad in the first game as well? Oh well, maybe EA fixed the gameplay instead of the characters this time around and they’ll really nail it in the third game.