Family of “Hold your Wee for a Wii” casualty awarded $16 million

The family of the woman who died as a result of a Sacramento based radio station contest was awarded $16 million by a jury that concluded the radio station was at fault for the contestant’s death.

Jennifer Strange, who left behind three children, died of water intoxication – a fatal condition when the body takes in abnormal amounts of water creating an imbalance of electrolytes. During the contest, Strange complained of having a headache while people contacted the radio station informing the DJs of the danger of water intoxication and even mentioning a specific instance where death was the result. Strange was the last person to concede, taking second place in the contest and passing away later that afternoon after calling into work. She was 28 years old.

The “Hold your Wii for a wee” contest involved having contestants drink water consistently over time while not using the bathroom. The last person to relieve themselves would win a Nintendo Wii, a very hot commodity at the time when the contest occurred in January of 2007, just two months after the system was released with very little supply and very high demand.