God of War III Ultimate Edition and preorder items announced

You didn’t actually think one of Sony’s biggest first-party titles wasn’t coming out with an overindulgent collector’s edition, did you? The PlayStation blog has officially announced that the upcoming God of War III will have its very own Ultimate Edition unleashed in 2010. The Ultimate Edition comes with a nifty replica of Pandora’s Box to go along with the Grand Theft Auto IV lock box and Halo 3 Master Chief cat helmet as dust collectors on gamers’ shelves. It also comes with the standard art book that no collector’s edition should be without. The Ultimate Edition has some exclusive digital content that gamers can download off of the PlayStation Network including an in game Combat Arena, full length documentary on the God of War franchise, soundtracks to all three games, a heavy metal homage soundtrack and a Dominus Kratos skin.

The madness doesn’t end there. Anyone who preorders the game at certain retailers will get access to the E3 God of War III demo starting today, just in case there weren’t enough options out there to get a hold of the demo. An exclusive downloadable skin will be available for those who preorder at Amazon, GameCrazy and GameStop.

The Ultimate Edition will go on sale for $99.99, unfortunately there’s no indication whether or not it will be as absurdly limited as the Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition.

A European edition is expected to be announced as well, along with preorder incentives.