Halloween dawns upon Uncharted 2

Nathan Drake and his pals from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves seem to be getting ready for Halloween, just as the rest of us. According to PlayStation.Blog, this weekend will be the first weekend ever to have Double XP points, or as we fortune hunters call it in this biz, Double Cash Weekend. That means just the same as it always does, everything you normally do in the game will double you up, in this case, with money. A perfect boost for the experienced adventurer as well as the newcomer.

Not only that, but next time you pop in the game and start it up, you’ll be prompted to update the game, which you should do, obviously. This update fixes some display issues, connectivity problems, gameplay features among other things that haven’t been publicly released.

Remember that the Naughty Dogs will be playing during the weekend as well, so why not give it a shot and try to give them a run for their money in their own game, huh? Be on the lookout for the red little paws next to their PSN IDs. If you see them, shoot’em!

Oh, and if the picture above makes no sense to you, let it be known that there’s a “surprise” coming…