Home still “a top priority,” Edward misquoted and misrepresented

At the London Games Conference some days ago, Sony’s PlayStation Home director Peter Edward was quoted as saying that while “there is a business model there,” Home is “not a priority right now.” The quote originated from Edge who Sony now says not only misquoted Edward but also misrepresented what the man actually said.

“Allow me to put your minds at ease about this recent press. The coverage of what Pete Edwards said at the London Games Conference was not only a misquote, it was a misreprentation [sic] of what he actually said,” a Home Manager explained on the official PlayStation forums, “Edwards was saying that monetizing Home was not as big a priority as building a great platform, with a compelling environment and a strong community. Home is still a top priority for Sony and will continue to release quality content and provide a positive experience to our users.”

“And yes, we will continue working on fixing bugs, login problems, and other user issues.”

Glad that’s cleared up.