N-Gage: 2003-2010

Truly sad and disheartening news coming from Nokia today, as the cell phone company announced via the official N-Gage blog that the platform will be absorbed into the bigger and more popular Ovi Store. While there will be no more new releases on the now distribution service, games will still be available to purchase from the N-Gage store until the end September 2010, and both N-Gage.com and the N-Gage Arena will be active until the end of 2010.

“Thank you for being part of the N-Gage community and your participation over the years. It is important we share this information with you first as we know how much the N-Gage Community means to you, and that being up to date on the latest gaming information is of importance”, said Nokia.

And so one of the most maligned and inept platforms in videogame history is about to come to an end. It makes sense, as it’s kinda silly for Nokia to have two separate online stores to buy cell phone games on, but I’m sure going to miss all of those hilarious taco jokes. However I am curious as to how the platform turned out after it became a distribution app. Anyone reading this use it?