PSP has “a lot more potential than people realise,” says Sony Cambridge

Friday’s Eurogamer Expo in London didn’t have too many developers around to talk to, most of the pros were giving developer conferences up in big, dark rooms on the top floor. It was encouraging, then to stop by the PSP Go Cafe and find the LittleBigPlanet spirit of good will living on in PSP edition devs, Sony Cambridge Studios, who were around and more than happy to give a few words on their latest efforts.

But what does fitting a game with all the ambition of the original LBP on PSP mean for the handheld? “Possibly that PSP has a lot more potential than people realise,” says one Sony Cambridge rep, “and hopefully that will push people to make it go further.”

With titles like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker offering 4-player co-op, the PSP’s potential is certainly being recognized elsewhere, but just how far can that be stretched? LittleBigPlanet PSP certainly offers the same play and create modes that you saw in its big brother as we found out today when we got our mitts on it, but the final aspect of the title, share, is admittedly not here in full force. “It’s not exactly the same game. There were a few trade-offs we had to make to get it on PSP, one of them being multiplayer.”

The game still has the full Community Moon feature, and uploading/downloading of levels for other people to play is possible, but the overall package is obviously not the same as the PS3’s mammoth Community option.

So while it may not be able to get the full experience crammed into the system, LittleBigPlanet PSP is certainly still an impressive title to behold. Will we see more and more titles striving to achieve that potential that this title may well unlock? We’ll have to see after the game hits in November.