Australian game tester fights censorship in his own way

You’ve heard many a time about the buzz surrounding the Australian government nixing the presence of a raw, unadultered, and shamelessly violent version of Left 4 Dead 2, and you may have even seen a video or two showing just what kind of game they’ll be playing. That is… one with a notable lack of dismemberment and blood, aka awesomosity.

Well, seems 30-year-old play tester David Doe wants the awesome, and he wants the freedom to experience said awesome. He wants it so bad that he has gone and formed his own political party so they can get a candidate to run in next year’s electoral election. Their name: Gamers 4 Croydon. Their main position: allow a classification rating of R18+, so said freedom can be his and everyone else’s. True to the name, they will be running strictly within the electoral district of Croydon.

“…┬áthe main and driving reason is to exert pressure on the Attorney General for South Australia, Michael Atkinson, as he is currently the only Attorney General voting ‘no’ against the introduction of an R18+ classification rating for videogames in Australia.”

Of course, one stance on allowing a certain rating classification in isn’t enough to go on. But perusing the sight, you’ll see that they take several other stances as well, including extended solar rebates, and providing rebates for electric vehicles. But with a name like theirs, it’s clear what the ultimate intent is. They’re currently seeking donations, and the whole movement will be funded by any and all donations. Any leftovers are promised to go toward Child’s Play, a charity that gets children’s hospitals a dose of gaming goodness.

The aim is good, but the question is whether this kind of action will actually accomplish what it sets out to accomplish. My take:If I can enjoy some severed gushy awesome, why not an Australian? Good luck, Mr. Doe.