SkyTV coming to PS3?

Sky Digital launched their Xbox 360 service in a rather haphazard manner earlier this week, but despite an apparent exclusivity deal, the UK provider might not be limiting their console activity to just Microsoft’s box. Sky recently released a 277-page public document as a response to a consultation conducted by regulatory body OFCOM, and apparently they may have inadvertently left in a direct reference to the PS3.

The document reads, “The deal to provide Sky’s channels on the PS3 platform has not yet been made public and is confidential to Sky.”

Whoopsie, not any more it isn’t. Insomniacs can read the full document (*.pdf link) online, but Sky have already realised their mistake and removed the offending line. Watch out for a red-faced announcement from officials in the near future about a shock deal with Sony – yet more proof that so-called ‘exclusive’ deals are apparently about as long-lasting these days as a Vegas marriage.