DSi XL’s large screens are not just for Grandma

As if situations in DS games that make you blow or yell at the system weren’t embarrassing enough, now Nintendo wants the guy sitting next to you on the bus to see the action too. Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, spoke about the benefits of having a larger screen for the DSi LL (XL for NA and Europe) during the Semi-annual Financial Results Briefing.

“Nintendo DSi LL features not only bigger monitor screens, but an improved view angle on the screens to make it the first portable system that can be enjoyed with people surrounding the gamer,” Iwata said. “When a player can enjoy playing Tomodachi Collection and Professor Layton series on Nintendo DSi LL together with people surrounding him or her, it can lead to accentuating the appeal of these software. In other words, the appeal of the same software can be intensified by Nintendo DSi LL’s new feature and may unexpectedly become a hit title in the end.”

Gamers (and their neighbors) will be able to see if the new screen size is big enough to captivate an audience when the DSi XL is released in NA and Europe sometime early next year.