Insomniac conquers PS3’s learning curve

After developing several games from two franchises exclusively for the PS3, developer Insomniac believes they have overcome the system’s steep learning curve.

“We had to rebuild Ratchet for PS3. All that stuff we took for granted: the move set, the animations, the character, the crates, everything that works on PS2, had to be redone for PS3,” senior community manager James Stevenson said in a recent interview. “It was going from old techniques where processing was single threading, to multiple parallel processors essentially – there are six, seven SPUs on the PS3 … At least we have the benefit of being exclusive. We code everything for the PS3 engine. Trying to wrap your head around getting something that will work on an Xbox 360 processor and a PS3 processor – that makes it even harder. So we have the benefit of being able to not worry about having another console to develop for and focus our engine on running incredibly well on the PS3, and wringing all the power out of the SPUs.”

Now that they’re familiar with the system however, Stevenson says, is when things start to get exciting, “Now we know how to ride that bicycle and we can start performing tricks on it.”

Insomniac is currently believed to be working on Resistance 3, and perhaps even some new intellectual properties.