Quiz hints at Mass Effect 2 post-release DLC support

BioWare is planning to support Mass Effect 2 with extensive post-release content, a “Microsoft Expert Zone quiz,” which arms retailers with additional information about a particular game, hints. Sent to Dtoid by a tipster, the quiz shows that the sci-fi RPG will be supported with additional content ranging from downloadable characters to full campaign expansions and lists “episodic combat via DLC,” new weapons, armor, characters for the campaign, new worlds, “full campaign expansions,” and mentions “periodic updates” that will be delivered through the game’s yet to be announced “Cerberus Network.”

Considering BioWare’s humongous DLC plans for Dragon Age: Origins, news of similar possibilities for the company’s other soon-to-be released RPG hardly surprises. Just don’t expect any official word today since they’re probably pretty busy launching Origins in North America right about now.